Tuesday, May 20, 2014

The Table Is a Congregation. The Table Needs a Pastor.

A snapshot of our Congregation:


Sara and Kate are both homeless and pregnant.

George has been living without electricity or heat for over ten years.

Mike has a pacemaker and a drinking problem. But he's doing ok right now.

Freddie has health problems and schizophrenia.

Carol loves him. But they can't get married because it will cost one of them their benefits.

John is addicted to crack and is homeless. But wants to start a non-profit to help people.

Dorothy has cancer. She's in her seventies and makes sure to bring three meals to her home-bound neighbors.

Dave is a drunk who has lived on the streets for years. He's finally cleaned up and inside, but struggling to adjust to the change.

Warren is a hoarder living with HIV who loves birds and nature and learning about holistic healing.

Susan lives with persistent pain. She is starting to get addicted to her pain medication. She says the only thing that keeps her from killing herself is her cat, Charlie, who needs her.


*names have been changed to protect privacy

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